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Please read this fully and in detail to ensure the best outcome.


Fitting kit contents



-Double sided tape


Tools you may require



The key to fitting:

The key to fitting the cover perfectly is in the preparation of fitting a Phat Mods Steering Wheel Covers.

You do not need to remove anything from the steering wheel to fit these Covers, however, you can do this if you are confident as it will make things easier with fitting and you will get that more desired look, but don’t stress it is not mandatory. To help if confident remove the airbag, button surround trim and buttons. This will allow access to the tighter places on the wheel.

Make sure you have aligned the cover perfectly and everything is lined up. Once that’s done secure the cover to the wheel with the double sided tape provided in the fitting pack. Install the tape at the top, bottom, left and right parts of the wheel, this includes any places where once fitted the cover, being a piece of material, may be loose (crevices or dips in the OEM steering wheel). This will prevent the cover being loose and moving. Tuck the cover behind the steering wheel trim before stitching. Use the tucking tool provided in the fitting kit. If you have removed the parts off the steering wheel you can add tape to the parts behind the trims to hold them into place.

To stitch follow these simple steps :

Step 1 – Included in the fitting pack you will find the thread. Unreel an amount of thread roughly 3 times the length of the section you are about to stitch. Try not to use too much as it will cause difficulty when sewing.
Take the end of the thread and knot it 4 times to create a large knot. This will prevent the thread pulling through.
Take the needle and put the thread through the hole. Peirce the needle to the rear of the cover from what would be in inside of the cover throught the last stitched hole on the cover. Through the actual cover. This can be quite tough so don’t be afraid to use some force. Be careful of your fingers.

Step 2 – Pierce the needle through the other side of the covers last pre stitched hole from what would be the outside of the cover.

Step 3 – Go back through the hole used in Step 1 to ensure the cover onced pulled will come together.

Step 4 – Use the pre stiched loops on the cover and pass the needle under one on the opposite side. When stitching you will go back and forth to each side per stitch.

Step 5 – Pull the thread slightly to ensure the cover meets together leaving no gap.

Step 6 – Carry on going from loop to loop on the cover. This is where you can get the desired design when stitching. Doing every loop will give a tight look to the cover. Missing a loop per stitched will give a nice oem style stitch which some car manufactures use. Ensure to keep the thread tight when stitching not using too much force to ensure the cover doesn’t rip or the thread doesn’t snap. It doesn’t require a substantial amount of force. Just ensure the cover meets together.

Step 7 – As you approach the end of the section you are stitching get ready to tie it off. Check back over yourself before tieing it off to ensure there are no creases or defects in the stitching. If there are creases or defects it means something is not right. Usually could be missing a loop or not alligning the cover correctly.

Step 8 – At the last loop you can tie off the cover. The best way to do this is to go back through the cover to create a loop like steps 1,2,3. Once you have created this loop around both sides of the cover on the last loop you can tie it in a knot around the stitching loop you have created. Do knot around the loop to ensure it is tight. Cut the thread with around 15mm of thread left and use a lighter to burn the remaining thread. Use the tucking tool to push the melted thread into itself to secure it to the cover and leave a nice flat surface. You can also wet your finger to do this. Be careful as the thready may be lit or extremely hot when melted.

For the rest of the cover proceed to do the same steps for each section.

We understand things can be frustrating when it doesn’t go your way so we have fitters located around the UK which hopefully will be close enough for you to travel to. They do charge for their time fitting but will be happy to help. Drop them us or them a message to book fitting. Please to not travel to the fitter without them checking that the cover will fit first. They will confirm it fits before you travel to them for fitting.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact and we will be happy to assist.